Full Arch Implants

All In One: extract, implant, restore, all teeth in one session

27-28-29 April 2023
9:00AM - 5:30PM

Prodent SAL Offices
Dr. Maxim Baini Clinic

About the Event

Attend the “All in One” workshop. Led by Dr. Maxim Baini, Dr. Joseph Alwan, Dr. Loulwa Al Mourad, and DT. Samer Sarouni, this 3-day workshop includes hands-on real cases with printed models, recorded surgery, and live surgery. Participants will learn to perform full arch cases with immediate functional and aesthetic restorations for both mandible and maxillae. The workshop covers topics such as case selection, implant positions, virtual teeth positioning, multifunctional guides, flap design, 3D angulated implant placement, and techniques for final restorations.